This collection should and will be required reading for all college dance programs, not only for the students, but for their teachers and families, as well. The writing is insightful, illuminating and brutally honest. My copy is already dogeared!

Megan Williams

“A Life in Dance: A Practical Guide" is just that. Its contents are insightful, articulate, humorous and, most importantly, true. Written by, for and about dancers currently working in our field -- a vitally important distinction -- this book provides resources, answers and guidance to myriad questions facing not only the brave and intrepid souls who wish to be a part of this community, but to those of us who continue to devote ourselves to it.

Jeff Kazin, Director, The Bang Group

I bought it a couple of months ago! Wonderful! Using for my dance production class at Hofstra.

Amy Marshall

I finished your book last night – it was completely great! Congratulations! The whole book was really terrific It’s a great chronical, a record of an era, as well as a useful and inspiring resource for people who may be interested in pursuing a career in dance.

Martin Weschler

Especially timely and appealing...a remarkably clean, readable volume…eloquent and startling.

The Village Voice

At long last I got to read A Life In Dance. The idea was brilliant and what you recorded was fascinating for someone who knows nothing about the challenges of becoming a dancer. I enjoyed most those essays which gave details – in particular the dilemmas, the ambitions made and broken, the life themes, the philosophies of life, the attempts at originality, and the sense of dance history. I will look at dancing and dancers, in general in a different light.

Kurt Stenn

I gave one to my daughter’s contemporary dance instructor. She is fresh out of high school and is loving the advice.

Carol Adams